Testimonials for Waste Water Aerators made by Vertec Manufacturing Engineers

"Vertec were great to deal with during our recent project at the Helensville Wastewater Treatment Plant. They kept in constant communication throughout the entire process, from tender award until installation of the Aerator on site. When it came to the installation I was very impressed with the site management of what was a delicate manoeuvre involving narrow roadways and low overhead power lines. The aerator was expertly assembled, lifted into the pond, tethered and commissioned without a hitch which meant we were then able to switch it on and walk away – alleviating the issues our client was having with nitrate loadings in their waste pond. I would happily recommend the products and service that Vertec provide."

Charley Miles, Project Engineer, Filtec Ltd.

"Kaipara District Council uses a Vertec aerator in the Maungaturoto township oxidation pond. The pond was on the limit of its capacity and there was very little wind mixing because of its positioning. It is very useful in this situation as it solves the capacity problem which had resulted in low dissolved oxygen levels and there is no smell at all. We just start the aerator and forget it. It’s very reliable."

Bruce Steel, Design Engineer
Duffil, Watts and King Consulting Engineers

"We have two Vertec 1.1kW aerators in the farm oxidation pond for three years and their reliability has been excellent. They have been in almost continuous use with only minor maintenance. There is no smell from the pond and it handles the effluent from 600 milking cows on three dairying Research Corporation farms as well as some dry stock. The nearest house is 150m away from the pond and there have been no complaints. The pond is very healthy, the bacteria are obviously working well. Using the Vertec aerator has halved BOD Levels and slashed ammonia levels. We haven’t dredged the pond or done anything to it in three years."

Michael Bennenbroek,
Farm Manager No5 Dairy, Dairying Research Corporation

"Coromandel District Council have used a 1.1kW Vertec aerator at Matarangi beach on the Coromandel Peninsula during peak summer periods for the past three years and I have no hesitation in recommending the machine. It is very reliable, working for two months at a time, 24 hours a day without stopping, maintaining required dissolved oxygen levels in the primary pond at the most difficult time of the year. The aerator has very low running cost and is easily maintained and serviced. We run the 4kW machines elsewhere for 35,000 hours without stoppages – that reliability"

Cliff Olsen,
Utility Services Manager Coromandel Project Consultants

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