Wedge technology means a thicker hinge line -eliminates tearing & splitting of hinge holes!

  • Unique chevron pattern at lid bottom gives additional rigidity and holds lid in place.
  • 6 Knuckle system keeps lid on the container, not in the container! 
  • Long-life, Ultra-Violet Inhibitor Package (UVI) is blended into the plastic to protect the lid from the sun (from becoming brittle or turning white). 
  • Built in water channel and drain system around perimeter of lid allows for easy water run off.Reinforced weld points around the perimeter of the lid for additional lid strength when being compacted in the truck. 
  • Robotically drilled hinge holes and lid rod guides make lid rod threading easy every time!
  • Vacuum formed HDPE plastic process eliminates the seams found in all other manufacturing processes, and reduces splitting on the hinge line and perimeter of lid. 
  • Cut out hinge line versions available on request for five hinge ear containers. 

Please call us for more information.Contains Post Consumer Regrind (PCR): Up to 10% recycled plastic ensures a "Green Product" in your customers' disposal area, plus lids are 100% recyclable. 

7 Year warranty (against all material & workmanship defects).