Rear Load Lids

  • Our read load waste bin lids are made with a vacuum formed HDPE plastic process that eliminates the seams found in all other manufacturing processes, and reduces splitting on the hinge line and perimeter of lid.
  • Long-life, Ultra-Violet Inhibitor Package (UVI) is blended into the plastic to protect the lid from the sun (from becoming brittle or turning white).
  • Robotically drilled hinge holes and lid rod guides make lid rod threading easy every time!

Also Available:

Cut to Size Universal Lid (#3145U)

  • A flexible lid solution for rear load containers.
  • 31″ x 45″ which can be cut in the field or shop to fit any rear load container.
  • You only have to stock one lid instead of 14 sizes, which means less space and inventory to manage.
  • Hinge system on both ends of the lid provides maximum cutting options and allows for a perfect fit.
  • Adjustable by a simple saw cut to any length required.
  • Perfect for containers that have unique dimensions/modifications.
  • Same great features as the rear load lid.
Part # Size
3042P 76.2cm x 106.68cm
S3127P 78.74cm x 68.58cm
3130P 78.74cm x 76.2cm
3131P 78.74cm x 78.74cm
S3133P 78.74cm x 33"
3134P 78.74cm x 86.36cm
3136P 78.74cm x 91.44cm
3137P 78.74cm x 93.98cm
3138P 78.74cm x 96.52cm
3139P 78.74cm x 99.06cm
3140P 78.74cm x 101.6cm
3141P 78.74cm x 104.14cm
3142P 78.74cm x 106.68cm
3143P 78.74cm x 109.22cm
3144P 78.74cm x 111.76cm
3145U 78.74cm x 114.3cm Universal
3148P 78.74cm x 121.92cm
3149P 78.74cm x 124.46cm
3150P 78.74cm x 127cm
3151P 78.74cm x 129.54cm
3157P 78.74cm x 144.78cm
3158P 78.74cm x 147.32cm