Front Load Lids

  • 5 year UVI package blended into the plastic to protect the lid from getting brittle or turning white
  • Cutting edge manufacturing
  • drilling technology
  • threading rods into container lids
  • stress during compaction
  • stress as it moves throughout the lid
  • Recessed handle for easy opening
  • Finished sizes; no jagged edges for customers
  • durability
93.98cm x 147.32cm
93.98cm x 144.78cm
93.98cm x 132.08cm
91.44cm x 147.32cm
91.44cm x 144.78cm
91.44cm x 137.16cm
93.98cm x 121.92cm
91.44cm x 121.92cm
93.98cm x 119.38cm
91.44cm x 119.38cm
91.44cm x 111.76cm
93.98cm x 104.14cm
91.44cm x 104.14cm
93.98cm x 101.6cm
91.44cm x 101.6cm
91.44cm x 96.52cm
91.44cm x 93.98cm
91.44cm x 91.44cm
91.44cm x 83.82cm
91.44cm x 78.74cm
91.44cm x 60.96cm